A day in Jogja

On a recent trip to Borobudor and Jogjakarta we managed to carve out one day to visit a couple of Jogja’s art spaces. The art scene in Indonesia is like none other in the world. Led by collectors and artists, rather than galleries and dealers, Indonesians are some of the most welcoming people in the world. Eager to share their art with us, we were welcomed into artists’ studios and homes (usually on the same property) simply by showing up with smiles on our faces.

One such case was at Sangkring Art Project. We popped in to see what was going on there when we happened to bump into one of the country’s more important artists, Putu Sitawijaya, who was in the process of working on a painting. We didn’t want to disturb him or take up too much of his time but he warmly welcomed us and kindly allowed us to take a few photos and video of him working.

I had hoped to make it to the art fair, ArtJog, this year but it was not in the cards. This trip has wet my appetite for more thought, so next year, ArtJog 2018!

For more info on Sangkring Art Space, please click here.