SUPER/NATURAL: Possibilities for Singaporean Artists in Indonesia

What makes the Southeast Asian art scene exciting is that it is still in the process of being build up, with a lot of room for testing ideas. What’s more is that if these experiments succeed, they are able to truly become game-changers. They can create new markets and open up new channels for artistic communication.

The show SUPER/NATURAL – until 19 June 2017 at Gajah Gallery in Yogyakarta – has all the numbers to belong to this category. There are three reasons why this exhibition is important. The first is because it creates a mutual dialogue between two actors that previously only had a one-sided conversation, namely the Indonesian art world and the Singaporean art world. The second is that it explores a very important idea: the way we think about nature and the consequences of our mindset on nature. The third is that SUPER/NATURAL had performers seamlessly performing within a commercial show in a cohesive way.

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