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A Pioneering Thai Artist in America

In 1958, Leo Castelli mounted the first solo exhibition of paintings by the American artist Jasper Johns. Johns challenged the hegemony of the brushstroke by paralyzing it in thick encaustic, shaking the pillars of the reigning Abstract Expressionist movement and deflecting the course of modernism.

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This New $50k Prize Is Just for Emerging Female Figurative Painters

What is the most effective way to support female artists?

It’s a question that San Antonio-based patrons Steven Alan Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt have been contemplating for almost a decade, since they first began collecting art. From the beginning, they gravitated towards work made by women, depicting women. It was what they loved and wanted to live with.

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40 Artists Share Their Favorite Shows of 2017

At the end of each year, critics and editors eagerly (and oh-so-authoritatively) weigh in on what they found to be the best work of the last 12 months. But why not go straight to the source, asking some of our favorite creatives what thrilled, moved, and inspired them in 2017? Here, without further ado, we present a year-end wrap-up that lets the artists decide what mattered.

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Artificial Intelligence Can Now Spot Art Forgeries by Comparing Brush Strokes

Could artificial intelligence be the end of the dubious science of connoisseurship? According to a new study, a form of AI called a recurrent neural network may now be able to identify forged paintings.

Researchers from New Jersey’s Rutgers University and the Atelier for Restoration & Research of Paintings in the Netherlands have published their findings in a paper, titled “Picasso, Matisse, or a Fake?

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A Brief History of the Artist’s Studio

It was 2 a.m. when the skies of Paris opened over Claude Lantier. Dashing through the rain, the gifted but impatient painter arrived at his studio facing the river Seine to discover a young woman seeking shelter from the storm. After weathering the downpour inside—she on the bed, he on the couch—Claude awoke to find the woman asleep, covered in little else but sunlight. Inspired, the artist began to sketch his unconsenting model, quietly, attentively, until she woke herself and discovered him in the act.

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I am Artist, hear me roar!

When I met Lydia Janssen for the first time in Singapore two years ago, we had instant chemistry. I liked her work, her values, her energy and I liked her as a person. Since that fateful day, we have spent countless hours together, having endless conversations about the art scene, the industry and about art for art’s sake, as well as some very deep and meaningful conversations about life and relationships.

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A day in Jogja

On a recent trip to Borobudor and Jogjakarta we managed to carve out one day to visit a couple of Jogja’s art spaces. The art scene in Indonesia is like none other in the world. Led by collectors and artists, rather than galleries and dealers, Indonesians are some of the most welcoming people in the world. Eager to share their art with us, we were welcomed into artists’ studios and homes (usually on the same property) simply by showing up with smiles on our faces.

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