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Aiman - The Evolution of Eian & Eien

Art Porters Gallery is delighted to present Aiman’s second solo exhibition, The Evolution of Eian & Eien – an exhibition meant to challenge our perception of normalcy and how far we as humans are willing to push boundaries. The story draws from fairytale narratives, often interweaving tenderness and cruelty, with references of religious iconography, eroticism, and mythology. A fantastical world, it fast-tracks us into a parallel existence, where advancements in technology, molecular biology and globalisation have pushed the confines of the evolutionary process, leading to the emergence of anatomically modern humans adapted to an increasingly challenging environment. In this enchanted world, subjects, through the wonders of evolution and born with the power of anti-gravity, are able to weave through different time portals, often simultaneously experiencing parallel realities from drastically different times.

Art Porters Gallery
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Singapore 088652

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Artist talk
(open to public)
Saturday, 19 May 2018,
3 pm

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