Vote K-narf for Mayor of Shibuya

In a staged "special TV announcement" video in his studio in Shibuya, Tokyo, I watch French artist, K-narf yell bla bla bla on a TV screen which is part of a cardboard sculpture video camera. Wearing a suit, his long hair is tied back in a man bun as he imitates a pontificating politician. The video starts with the artist exclaiming "I want to be the Mayor of Shibuya. I am K-narf". While waving his hands in the air, the only other coherent words are , "always the same", "vote for me" and "change, always" in this "tape-o-graphic installation" titled 'Sibuya Change, Always. Vote for Me'.

When I left K-narf at his studio with hopeful promises to consider how we can work together in the near future, he passed me his card which says "Jacques Chirac - President de la Republique Francaise"; the words are crossed out in red pen and replaced with "K-narf - Artiste".

Tanya Amador